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Choose an investment program that raises the bar

When you choose the Masters Private Account Program you enjoy personalized investment solutions guided by the expertise and knowledge of reputable investment management firms and experienced investment professionals. 

The sophisticated wealth management strategy you need and expect.

  • Achieve your personal investment goals with one or more custom portfolios of individual securities.
  • Partner with experienced and reputable portfolio managers and investment firms selected by you and your advisor.
  • Active portfolio management helps you stay in line with market moves and opportunities with regular account rebalancing based on the portfolio manager’s outlook.
  • Stay confident knowing your investment strategies and activities are monitored by Manulife’s Investment Management Services team.
  • Benefit from a tax-efficient investing approach achieved through targeted securities trading and taking advantage of capital losses.
  • All trading instructions are received and acted upon by Manulife Wealth Inc.’ Portfolio Management.
  • Convenience and transparency of one simple, all-inclusive program fee.

Create your personal investment strategy

One cornerstone to successful investing is proper asset allocation, or how your assets are divided among various investments. With a full suite of 30 investment mandates available in the Masters Private Account Program, you can work with your advisor to create a well-diversified portfolio to match your personal investing preferences; from growth to wealth preservation to income.

As your wealth grows, so too does your need for more sophisticated wealth management solutions that help you reach the next level of investing.

The Masters Private Account Program offers you a dynamic opportunity to partner with a trusted financial services company and exceptional investment professionals to create and manage your personal wealth management  strategy.

To reach your next level of investing,

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